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Helping You Thrive on Your Journey TO & THROUGH Motherhood.

Therapy for Women & Mothers in San Diego, CA

Online therapy available throughout CA & OR

I help overwhelmed women process painful experiences, strengthen their relationships, and feel empowered in motherhood and beyond. 

This is not how you expected to feel as you build your family. You feel overwhelmed, guilty, and you are drowning in stress as you think about the future and all of the "what ifs."

You no longer recognize this version of yourself. The self-doubt is all-consuming, and so many in your life don't know that you are struggling. They say this is supposed to be the most magical time of your life. But for many, the process of getting pregnant, having a baby, becoming a mother, and raising a family can be filled with stress.

You are ready to feel grounded, confident, and empowered in y
our journey through motherhood. You are ready to feel more joy in your days, and remind yourself that you are worthy.

You deserve support from someone who truly understands you. You're in the right place. 



Hi! I'm Jen.

I want to help you feel empowered and recognize your innate worth.

Motherhood is amazing and transformational, but it is also challenging and can bring up some of our old stuff that we thought we had already moved past. I believe we can hold multiple truths about parenthood: it is wonderful and also really freaking hard! I will honor your experience in a space where you can keep it real.


Therapy with me is honest and focused on you. We will likely laugh together, cry together, and I won't bat an eye if you need to drop an f-bomb or two. Whether you are going through fertility challenges, stress in pregnancy or overwhelmed by parenthood, I would love to support you.


Here's how I can help

Therapy for Perinatal Mental Health

Individual therapy for pregnancy, postpartum & beyond. Learn to feel empowered & connected.

Therapy for Birth Trauma & Perinatal Trauma

Therapy to process difficult experiences related to birth, NICU experiences, & complex medical needs.

Image by Omar Lopez
Therapy for Infertility & Fertility Challenges

Support during your fertility journey. Learn techniques to manage your anxiety & stress during this process.








Schedule a Consultation

You don't have to struggle with this alone. Get the support you deserve.

Click the button below to head to my client portal and schedule a free consultation with me. 

We will meet on my secure video platform where you will:

  • have the opportunity to share what's brought you to therapy

  • ask me any questions you may have

  • & figure out if we would be a good fit to work together.

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