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Therapy for Couples

Providing Couples Counseling in San Diego, CA 

You welcomed a new baby recently and life just has not felt the same. You enjoy being parents but you feel like there just isn't enough time for your relationship anymore. It seems like you're both always in "parent mode" and you find yourself feeling disconnected and lonely in your marriage. When you try to communicate to your partner about how you feel, it ends the same way EVERY TIME. ​


Instead of feeling heard in your relationship, these conversations end in disagreement, and you actually feel worse off for even trying to share about how you're feeling.


​Life after having kids is hard.

Or at least it feels hard in your relationship. So many couples experience feelings of disconnect and loneliness in this stage of life, and you are not alone. I work with couples who share that they are starting to feel more like roommates than an intimate couple. Intimacy doesn't feel the same either. And maybe a part of that is due to all the things that come with parenting a new little one and feeling super touched out at the end of the day, but there is a part of you that is longing to feel more intimately connected with your partner.


The couples I work with share that they feel insecure in their relationship, or like they are not doing enough. They get caught up in their negative patterns that result in frustration and anger, but really they're experiencing so much more than that. ​


My approach helps you unpack the heaviness you've been feeling in your relationship, and I help you communicate and understand each other in a new way.

I help you create new patterns in your relationship, and ditch the old, unhelpful ways you're used to communicating in. Many couples that have been together for years share that they're able to really hear each other in a way they never have been able to in the past. They experience a new closeness in their marriage, and are paving the way for their own children to have healthier and happier relationships as they move through life. ​


Through the use of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), I guide couples through areas of conflict without the negativity they've experienced in the past. I will skillfully help you and your partner respond to each other in a secure and loving way, and strengthen your emotional bond. ​

If you're ready to break these cycles and experience your relationship in a new way, let's connect! ​

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