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Therapy for New Moms

Serving Mothers in San Diego, CA

Pregnancy is not going quite how you had imagined.

Your baby is coming soon. Maybe you've experienced a loss or some fertility challenges, and that makes it really hard to picture what it will be like to actually bring your baby into the world.


Or maybe you've gotten some unsettling news at a recent doctor's visit and the "scanxiety" is at an all time high.


At every bathroom trip, you are checking and double checking for signs of bad news.

Each new symptom can feel like a brief reassurance that you are still pregnant... but then your mind starts to wonder if it's an indication of something not-so-good.

While they mean well, the people in your circle just don't quite understand. They were able to easily bond with their baby and seemed to love their pregnant bodies, while you're feeling overwhelmed by a changing body that doesn't entirely feel your own anymore (or you're not sure you can actually trust).


You worry about what life will be like after your baby comes.

How will you adjust to being a mom?

Will you even be good at it?

Your baby is home, and things feel so overwhelming. As time goes on you're not feeling much better.

smiling woman in white dress holding tod

Whether you're one week postpartum or one year postpartum, this is hard. Connecting with your baby has not gone quite like you had hoped.


At the end of everyday you are hopeful that tomorrow will feel better, but you still aren't feeling like yourself.

You feel guilty and overwhelmed, and some days feel like you're "losing it." You may also be feeling fearful that something awful will happen, and you're not sure how to make sense of the confusing emotions.


You aren't sure if this is "baby blues" or postpartum depression or anxiety, and it feels too scary to open up to anyone about this.

My Approach to Therapy for New Moms

The journey to motherhood is beautiful and transformational. But it is also scary and overwhelming. There is so much that is out of your control, and my goal is to help you focus on those things that are in your control right now. 


Many women struggle with anxiety, depression, fear, anger, rage, and other complicated emotions during pregnancy and postpartum. These feelings can be exacerbated if you've had a traumatic birth experience. And so many of these women do not tell anyone about how they're feeling because they're afraid they'll be judged as a parent.

I also want you to know that you are not crazy. You have very good reasons for feeling the way you do. It makes perfect sense that you are worried about your sweet baby because of everything that you have been through. But you don't have to live with the intensity of these emotions.


If these feelings are beginning to impact your life, do not wait to seek help.


Sometimes previously healed or forgotten about traumas can open up again. Many women are trying so hard to break cycles that have been passed down in families over generations, and we will work towards uncovering these topics and moving towards a new path in your therapy sessions.


I will help you let go of expectations that are not serving you, get rid of unattainable goals of perfection, and let go of the crippling self-doubt and shame. 

I'm here to help you process these big shifts in identity, and help you develop self-compassion as you learn to navigate this new role. We will process the traumatic experiences of your past, and release them so you can move forward in this season of your life with less heaviness.

How can Therapy for New Moms Help Me?

  • Learn to prioritize nurturing and taking care of yourself, so that you can nurture your loved ones in the ways they need to be loved.

  • Manage scary thoughts & emotions so you can feel more grounded in your day-to-day life.

  • Advocate for yourself in the systems you are navigating. 

  • Create a social support network when it seems like no village is to be found. 

  • Effectively communicate your needs with loved ones, care providers, etc. 

  • Honestly share your fears and true emotions without feeling shame & guilt.  

  • Process the grief and trauma related to past experiences, a stressful pregnancy, a difficult birth, and an overwhelming postpartum time to help you recover and heal.

  • Connect with and integrate the pre-baby parts of yourself that are significant to your identity.

  • Feel empowered & confident in your new role as a mother. 

  • Clarify the values that matter to you most, and make changes to prioritize them.

  • Examine how your culture and family of origin impact your expectations of motherhood.

  • Take a holistic view of your well-being by nurturing your mind, body & spirit in the therapy space.

Let's make room for more joy-filled moments in motherhood. Schedule a free 15 minute video consultation to begin this new journey. 
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