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Listed below are resources that you can search through to find a therapist that you resonate with the most.

As a mental health therapist specializing in Perinatal Mental Health and trauma work, it is important to me that you find a therapist that you feel really gets what you are going through.

  • Click Here to see a list of referrals to colleagues that can take on new clients during my maternity leave.

    • Please note that these therapists are located in California. Please see resources below to explore providers in Oregon and other states. 

  • Postpartum Health Alliance

    • Find local (to San Diego) providers that specialize in pregnancy and postpartum​.

  • Postpartum Support International Provider Directory

    • Find providers in the state you live in that have specialization and advanced training in Perinatal Mental Health. You can also filter the results by insurance type, if that is something you are hoping to find. 

  • Touchstone Institute Therapist Directory

    • Find providers in your area that have advanced training in EMDR and other trauma-focused modalities and support pregnant and postpartum clients. ​

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